Ultra-High Contrast Ratio

CR: AMOLED 1,000,000:1 vs. LCD 1,000:1

1,000 times higher contrast brings every detail with more clarity

True Color

Gamut: AMOLED 105% vs. LCD 70%

1.5 times wider color gamut presents true color from the nature

 Wide Viewing Angle

CR @ 85° viewing angle: AMOLED > 1,000:1 vs. LCD > 10:1

100 times higher contrast at 85°viewing angle, enables better visual experience from every angle

Wide Working Temperature

Working Temperature : AMOLED -40°C ~85°C vs. LCD -10°C ~70°C

1.5 times wider working temperature range allows free usage everywhere detail with more clarity

Power Saving

AMOLED consumes less power when showing full color image, and its dynamic weighted power consumption is only 60% of LCD.

Free Shape

Can be cut into circular or other irregular shapes , and applicable to more fields.

Thin Like Paper

Without backlight, AMOLED is simpler in structure and 40% thinner than LCD.


Can be fixed curve, bendable, rollable and foldable, enabling more innovation in terminal devices.

Low Brightness and High Contrast

AMOLED has higher sensory brightness due to higher contrast. In darkness, users can acquire clear image with low display brightness, and avoid the hurt to eyes from strong light.

Low Blue Ray Damage

High energy blue ray (HEBR) level under 435nm (mW/sr/m²) of AMOLED is 0.1, and the same level of LCD is 33. 300 times lower HEBR level reduces harm to the eyes and endocrine system.

Fast Response

AMOLED’s response time is less than 1ms, and LCD’s is less than 20ms. 20 times faster response realizes super-speed dynamic response, and reduces dizziness of VR users.