Everdisplay Optronics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.(EDO) is a company dedicated to mass production of small-to-medium AMOLED display and research of next generation technology. EDO has invested 7.05 billion RMB (1.1 billon USD) and built the first G4.5 LTPS AMOLED mass production line in China. To further expand mass production scale, EDO is building a G6 AMOLED production line.

EDO focuses on AMOLED technology and small-to-medium display market. Bearing the corporate spirit of “Courage, Integrity, Wisdom and Modesty”, EDO encourages innovation and independent, and is dedicated to bring the best AMOLED display to market. As an AMOLED front runner in China, EDO started a new AMOLED era in China.

G4.5 Fab.

G6 Fab.

Our strategy
Focus on the AMOLED technology

As a new generation of display technology, compared with LCD, AMOLED provides not only more colorful visual effect, but also is capable of flexible display which will meet the needs of the next generation of mobile terminal and wearble devices.

Focus on the S/M size high resolution displays

S/M size display is the most rapidly developed and value-added market segment. Focusing on the S/M size display will create grater value for the corporation. EDO imports the most advanced S/M size display production line and concentrates to strengthen itself.